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Si from England. Hello there!
Dec 19 '13
Dec 19 '13
Dec 18 '13

I love how there’s still some of the Ninth Doctor in him in this scene.

He isn’t him yet.

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Dec 16 '13

David Byrne makes an unexpected, but welcome friend.


David Byrne makes an unexpected, but welcome friend.

Dec 11 '13
Lemonheads - Confetti (It's A Shame About Ray)

He kinda shoulda sorta woulda loved her if he could’ve

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Dec 11 '13



im sad because i cant find the one picture of Win and Will with some guy and a plate of mexican food. 


oh happy day!

Dec 11 '13
OUR FOLD - Dive?

As all night parties turned into all night jam sessions, the group of friends who were always in attendance called themselves ‘Our Fold’. It was their world, with their fold of friends. After a few ramshackle home demo’s, the beginnings of something special was becoming coherent. 

The best kind of British music. Northern English music…

A band from my town no less.

Dec 11 '13

Another one of these

The only thing that you keep changing
Is your name, my love keeps growing
Still the same, just like a cancer,
And you won’t give me a straight answer

- Crown of Love

You say love is real
Like a disease
Come on tell me please
I’m not over it
I’m not over it

- Porno

Dec 10 '13

I love Arcade Fire’s lyrics’ recurring themes that span across albums

All the neighbors are starting up a fire
Burning all the old folks the witches and the liars
My eyes are covered by the hands of my unborn kids
But my heart keeps watching through the skin of my eyelids

- Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)

So can you understand?
Why I want a daughter while I’m still young
I wanna hold her hand
And show her some beauty
Before this damage is done

- The Suburbs

And of course there’s more. Someone more talented than me should make gifsets of them, yes.

Dec 10 '13

Arcade Fire probably headlining Glastonbury

I have a Glastonbury ticket

Pixies supporting Arcade Fire in Ireland means Pixies will probably play Glastonbury AS WELL